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    Sexy girls in wet clothes and ripping them

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    In the shower girls destroy their clothes

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    Super high quality video

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    Clips from the dvd-series


  • Inge from classic series Into the Water. Yellow short & green top768 x 576 pixels SD-video (mp4)  10 minutes in the pool (no striptease & no ripping-clothes) 

  • Ivy in pool & shower
With jeans en white shirt & shoes.
She removes her bra in the pool...In the shower she rips her clothes...pictures are screenshots from the video.
>some underwater camera shots<19 minutes wetlook in 4k video.(3460 x 2160 mp4 video)
after 11 minutes starting with ripping clothes in shower.file-size: 3 Gb

  • Jane from classic series Into the Water. white pants & shirt768 x 576 pixels SD-video (mp4)  17 minutes on the beach (no striptease & no ripping-clothes) 

  • Gabi from classic series Into the Water. white pants &  shirt.768 x 576 pixels SD-video (mp4)  16 minutes in pool  (no striptease & no ripping-clothes) 

  • Ruth in pool & shower. Jeans & blue shirt. 30 minutes!!!  full HD video (1920x1080 mp4)13 minutes wet clothing17 minutes ripping clothes & erotic striptease

  • Ally on the beach.Pink shirt & pink pants8 minutes full HD video (1920x1080 mp4) 
4 minutes wet cloting
4 minutes ripping her clothes & stripping

  • Avia in the riverWith her grey dress into the water.
And completely ripping up her brand new dress till nothing is left.23 minutes full HD video (1920x1080 mp4)
6 minutes wetlook
17 minutes of slowly ripping & stripping

  • Erica in pool & shower.dark jeans, grey longsleeve shirt.striptease & ripping in the shower18 minutes Full HD video (1920x1080 mp4)
11minutes wet clothing.7 minutes striptease

  • Deny in the pool & shower.
green shirt, jeans & shoes
in the end ripping her clothes in the shower17 minutes of full HD video (1920x1080 mp4)
11 minutes wet clothing in the pool and shower6 minutes ripping & stripping

  • Lisa in pool & shower.
yellow blouse, dark jeans
ripping & striptease in the shower14 minutes Full HD video (1920x1080 mp4)9 minutes wet clothing.5 minutes striptease & ripping

  • Kim on the beach Long shirt & legging
13 minutes full HD video (1920x1080 mp4)7 minutes wet clothing
6 minutes ripping her clothes & stripping

  • Krissy in pool & shower.Pink shirt & jeans
ripping & striptease in the shower21 minutes Full HD video (1920x1080 mp4)
10 minutes wet clothing.
11 minutes striptease & ripping

  • Andrea in pool & shower
Jeans & t-shirt
removing bra from shirt.
she rips her clothes in the shower, till nothing is left.20 minutes full HD video (1920x1080 mp4)15 minutes wet clothing
5 minutes clothes ripping & striptease

  • Ylena & Verona from classic series Into the Water.mini skirts, blouses> some underwater shots <768 x 576 pixels SD-video (mp4)15 minutes in the pool.3 minutes erotic striptease in the shower. NO ripping clothes

  • Renata & Jana in the  shower.  Ripping each others clothes.9 minutes full HD video (1920x1080 mp4) wet clothing, ripping & stripping

  • Deny in pool Small thin white dress striptease & ripping in the pool11 minutes Full HD video (1920x1080 mp4) 5 minutes wet clothing.6 minutes striptease

  • Eileen in pool & shower
With jeans en grey longsleeve & shoes.
In the shower she rips her clothes and shows lingerie.
(no nudity)
pictures are screenshots from video.
>some underwater camera shots<
22 minutes wetlook in 4k video(3460 x 2160 mp4 video)
after 13 minutes starting with ripping clothesIn shower.
file-size 4,9 Gb

  • Katie from classic series Into the Water.
Blue shirt & jeans, sports jacket

768 x 576 pixels SD-video (mp4)
12 minutes pool & shower
2 minutes striptease (topless)
>some underwater camera shots<

  • Deny in pool & showershort HD clip Sweat pants & shirt 5 minutes  full HD video (1920x1080 mp4)  Only in shower ripping & striptease

  • Misa from classic series Into the Water. blue top and white transparent jeanssome underwater shots 768 x 576 pixels SD-video (mp4)14 minutes pool & shower (striptease in pool - NO ripping-clothes)

  • Caprice in the pool & shower. Grey dressRipping her clothes. 17 minutes of full HD video (1920x1080 mp4)  11 minutes wet clothing in the pool and shower6 minutes ripping & stripping

  • Cory from classic series Into the Water. jeans & t-shirt, removing bra. #hot scene 768 x 576 pixels SD-video (mp4)15 minutes pool & shower12 min. wet clothing3 min. striptease (NO ripping)

  • Silvie from classic series Into the Water. 
Skirt, jacket, white shoes
.she removes her bra.768 x 576 pixels SD-video (mp4)
15 minutes pool & shower
 5 minutes striptease (no ripping-clothes)
>some shots underwater in pool<


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