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    Sexy girls in wet clothes and ripping them

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    In the shower girls destroy their clothes

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    Super high quality video

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    Clips from the dvd-series


  • Ursula from classic series Into the Water.Thin white dress768 x 576 pixels SD-video (mp4)  
with underwater video
 14 minutes in pool 
 (no striptease & no ripping-clothes) 

  • Ariel in pool & shower
jacket, white shirt & jeans768 x 576 pixels SD-video (mp4)  
(underwater camera)23 minutes pool & shower. 
18 min. wet clothing.  5 min. striptease (no ripping-clothes)

  • Jassika from classic series Into the Water.Tiny dress768 x 576 pixels SD-video (mp4)
15 minutes pool & striptease in pool (no ripping-clothes)

  • Anja from classic series Into the Water.Jeans & yellow shirt & bra on the beachremoves bra from shirt768 x 576 pixels SD-video (mp4)19 minutes on the beach.
12 min. wetlook
7 min. striptease (no ripping-clothes)

  • Megan in pool & showerWhite transparent shirt, pants, shoes., grey jacketIn the shower she rips her clothes.At the end, she almost forgot her jacket and tries to grab it from the pool.So her own clothes get wet.pics are screenshots from video.
 >underwater camera shots<31 min. wetlook in 4k video.(3460 x 2160 mp4 video)
after 18 min. starting...

  • Joyce from classic series Into the Water.white skirt, white transparent blouseremoving bra from blouse in pool768 x 576 pixels SD-video (mp4)  undewater camera15 minutes in pool and shower (no striptease & no ripping-clothes) 

  • Cory in hot erotic clip from classic series Into the Water.Less wetlook, more XXX.Green jacket, jeans, white shirt, bra.768 x 576 pixels SD-video (mp4)
24 minutes erotic clip6 minutes wet clothing18 minutes striptease & playing.>underwater camera<She plays with herself in pool & shower.With help of her toy in the shower.

  • Ally on the beach.Pink shirt & pink pants8 minutes full HD video (1920x1080 mp4) 
4 minutes wet cloting
4 minutes ripping her clothes & stripping

  • Avia in the riverWith her grey dress into the water.
And completely ripping up her brand new dress till nothing is left.23 minutes full HD video (1920x1080 mp4)
6 minutes wetlook
17 minutes of slowly ripping & stripping

  • Erica in pool & shower.dark jeans, grey longsleeve shirt.striptease & ripping in the shower18 minutes Full HD video (1920x1080 mp4)
11minutes wet clothing.7 minutes striptease

  • Deny in the pool & shower.
green shirt, jeans & shoes
in the end ripping her clothes in the shower17 minutes of full HD video (1920x1080 mp4)
11 minutes wet clothing in the pool and shower6 minutes ripping & stripping

  • Lisa in pool & shower.
yellow blouse, dark jeans
ripping & striptease in the shower14 minutes Full HD video (1920x1080 mp4)9 minutes wet clothing.5 minutes striptease & ripping

  • Kim on the beach Long shirt & legging
13 minutes full HD video (1920x1080 mp4)7 minutes wet clothing
6 minutes ripping her clothes & stripping

  • Krissy in pool & shower.Pink shirt & jeans
ripping & striptease in the shower21 minutes Full HD video (1920x1080 mp4)
10 minutes wet clothing.
11 minutes striptease & ripping

  • Andrea in pool & shower
Jeans & t-shirt
removing bra from shirt.
she rips her clothes in the shower, till nothing is left.20 minutes full HD video (1920x1080 mp4)15 minutes wet clothing
5 minutes clothes ripping & striptease

  • Ylena & Verona from classic series Into the Water.mini skirts, blouses> some underwater shots <768 x 576 pixels SD-video (mp4)15 minutes in the pool.3 minutes erotic striptease in the shower. NO ripping clothes

  • Renata & Jana in the  shower.  Ripping each others clothes.9 minutes full HD video (1920x1080 mp4) wet clothing, ripping & stripping

  • Krissy in  pool & shower.Jeans, white transparent t-shirt.black bra (removed for shirt in pool)Destroying her clothes in the shower 19 minutes full HD video (1920x1080 mp4) 10 minutes wet clothing9 minutes striptease & destroying her clothes

  • Katie from classic series Into the Water.
Blue shirt & jeans, sports jacket

768 x 576 pixels SD-video (mp4)
12 minutes pool & shower
2 minutes striptease (topless)
>some underwater camera shots<

  • Ivy in pool & shower
With jeans en white shirt & shoes.
She removes her bra in the pool...In the shower she rips her clothes...pictures are screenshots from the video.
>some underwater camera shots<19 minutes wetlook in 4k video.(3460 x 2160 mp4 video)
after 11 minutes starting with ripping clothes in shower.file-size: 3 Gb THIS VIDEO IS ALSO AVAILABLE IN HD

  • Silvie from classic series Into the Water.Jeans, woolen sweater, shoesshe removes her bra.768 x 576 pixels SD-video (mp4)
17  minutes pool & shower
 4 minutes striptease (no ripping-clothes)
>some shots underwater in pool< 

  • Viki in the pool & shower. (NEW)pink Nightshirt. Underwear. Bra temporarily removed in pool in the end ripping her long shirt & underwear in the shower. 16 minutes of full HD video (1920x1080 mp4) 11 minutes wet clothing in the pool and shower5 minutes ripping & stripping

  • Didi in  pool & shower.Pants, red shirt, sportshoesDestroying her clothes in the shower 14 minutes full HD video (1920x1080 mp4) 9 minutes wet clothing6 minutes striptease & destroying clothes

  • Deny in pool & showershort HD clip Sweat pants & shirt 5 minutes  full HD video (1920x1080 mp4)  Only in shower ripping & striptease

  • Jenny from classic series Into the Water.Small white -transparent dresssome underwater shots removing her bra from dress 768 x 576 pixels SD-video (mp4)striptease in the shower (till topless)NO ripping


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